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Human Development | Stress Management | Human Development
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Human Development | Stress Management | Human Development
Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.

Stress Management

Stress Coaching

Human Development has an effective stress coaching series that helps employees develop a balanced working environment. The coaching series typically lasts three months with regular sessions.

The last phase of follow-up sessions ensures that the re-established personal balance can be maintained in confrontation with the daily challenges on the job.

Human Developments coaching has an holistic perspective, considering our total being: body, mind and soul which needs to re-balance and regenerate. Coaching sessions last 2 hours. After each session the employee sends a short report back to the coach. Between sessions, practical tasks and physical exercises are practiced.

The goal of Human Development’s stress coaching process is to ensure that the employee becomes stronger in their position in the company, than before the stress period. The increased self-awareness and self-esteem means that the employee is able to solve problems independently, so that he/she does not develop stress symptoms in future.


Stress Coaching Series

9 sessions of 2 hours over 3 months:

Phase 1: Work pressure is removed

Phase 2: Building new patterns of communication are practiced on the job whilst the workload gradually builds up again.

Phase 3: Phased build up to full-time work with follow-up coaching


Human Development’s Stress Coaching process is fully confidential and our coaches have signed a commitment to full confidentiality.



Throughout the coaching process, the management is informed in general terms (without breaching confidentiality) of the employee’s progress, as well as being equipped with advice and methods needed to be able to support the employee in their working situation and environment.

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Active Stress Policy Pack

We recommend our Active Stress Policy Pack which supports responsible companies/organizations who respect their employees by actively taking their well-being seriously. The Active Stress Policy is a package we have put together which includes hands-on workshops. Our practical workshops are targeted for leaders, trade-union representatives and company departments and provide communication tools and advice about concrete measures needed to be taken to prevent and deal with stress.

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Coach Janet Spiegal

Has 25 years of experience as instructor and coach. Janet is originally trained as a therapist and combines her coaching knowledge with her professional background as a modern dancer. It is the physical dimension that makes Janet’s coaching extraordinarily effective.


Body awareness

Einstein said the ” you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness as that which the problem has arisen ” – her comes body awareness into the picture. Typically when stressed we focus our thoughts incessantly around a troublesome subject. It is necessary to force our awareness away from our head and thoughts, into the body and down into our feet. In so doing we are able to re-ground and rediscover our personal balance. Our brain needs extra oxygen to regenerate, so breathing exercises brings memory, overview and calmness back.