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Human Development | Mindfulness | Human Development
Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.


Mindfulness is the term given to conscious presence of being.

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment of now – being attentive to the present mpment in a given situation. With Mindfulness you can train the ability to be consciously present, removing yourself from stressful and unsuitable situations. In this way you can increase your working powers and be able to expedite more over a longer time. Mindfulness ias a state of total presence and attention focused within the moment. To reach and maintain this state you can train meditation, use different Mindfulness techniques and try to live from the underlying principals of Mindfulness. Our everyday lives are potentially stressful and Human Development can help you to prevent this developing..


Principles of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is based upon fundamental principles, which amongst others, are about being able to accept, to be non-judgemental, unambitious, patient, to become open, seeing situations with a new-beginner’s mind, and to be able to let go and release control. These principals bring meaning to everyday work as a leader and in life generally. You may already be living some of these attitudes and prinicples, and others will surely be more of a challenge for you to practise as a leader.


Advantages of Mindfulness:

– Sharpen your ability to focus and develop your ability to concentrate

– Broaden your insight to open up and give you control over your patterns of thought and feeling

– Strengthens mental robustness

– Creates greater awareness of being present in relation to yourself and others.

– Gives you a greater scope and overview and increases your ability to prioritise

– Helps you achieve better and give optimum performance


Mindfulness is for those who are willing to invest in their future, to develop their ability to concentrate. It takes about 8 weeks before the technique gets under your skin. This requires training, but you learn to be more concentrated and get to know your body and psyche and decode their signals.