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Human Development | Leader Development | Human Development
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Human Development | Leader Development | Human Development
Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.

Leader Development

We specialize in Leadership Development.

We specialize in Leadership Development. To improve a company’s top- and bottom-line requires a senior executive team who can lift the critical areas of the business. We focus upon developing leader performance from a business base, for example: In which areas do we want to create better results, and what will it require of our management team/leaders which they do not already deliver today ?
Leadership Development can focus upon the management team as well as the individual leader. Before leader-sparring begins we take an overview of the leader/leadergroup’s situation, perspectives, ambitions, personality and goals, challenges resolved/unresolved and problems solved/yet to solve. Human Development are using personality analyses, assessments and tests to document leader development throughout the proces.
Human Development help and support leaders to improve their personal results relating to important areas in everyday life. Modern companies today, make great demands on the manager’s personal skills. Therefore, we help to improve the manager’s ability to develop the necessary skills and compensate for any deficiencies in a timely manner or change their career strategy We begin individual leader development by focusing upon communication, and the cognitive and affective (emotional) conditions that challenge the modern manager’s work in the organization. This individual, professional and psychological approach to personal leadership coaching often complements the company’s standard approach to organization/leadership development, in a non-bureaucratic parallel programme.
Human Developments approach to coaching provides:

●   Stress management skills teaching managers’ to manage their own stress in an appropriate way (overload-condition may be work-related, but often ralso relates to private matters)
●   Robustness
●   Relational skills
●   Honour the potential of skilled employees
Individual Leadership Development aims to develop leadership behaviour that is based upon the manager’s personal assumptions, meanings and values and appears as
a well-integrated and natural part of the leader’s personality, and in accordance with Company values, goals, tactics and strategy.
At Human Development, we work from an holistic approach to Leadership Development, focusing upon the manager’s potential and supporting the leader’s personal development in his/her self-understanding and behaviour as a leader. Experience shows that the development of good leadership qualities, requires individualized and professional treatment of an experienced leader with psychological skills and knowledge of management. This ensures the ability to deal with the cognitive and emotional relationships which would otherwise prevent the director/leader from realizing his/her leadership potential. To this end, a number of psychologial methods are used in coaching to assist the leader to adapt addictive patterns and assumptions. This approach is also characterized to develop clear, direct speech, practical advice and guidance. Inappropriate, and more-or-less unconscious habits, mind-set and emotional response patterns can also be hurdles to overcome in the development of leadership potential.
At Human Development, we take hold of these issues as a natural part of leadership development.
In individual consultations, we focus upon the individual manager’s personality, as it is expressed in his/her’s actual leader behaviour, for example:

●   Ability to manage and distribute work – to achieve results through
employee-empowerment and respect. To meet qualitative and quantitative targets within required deadlines.
●   Relations and collaborations with employees in a balanced synergy between authourity and dependency
●   Communication over others – active empathic listening, articulation of expectations
●   Decision-making powers – confidence building, authority and building a sense of security
●   Robustness and stress management for employees to reduce sick-leave as much as possible without compromising employee efficiency
Human Development’s Leadership Development helps the manager to develop his/her personal style of leadership in terms of his/her relation to the company’s values, frameworks and performance targets. It is essential that the leader communicates his/her expectations clearly, including the tasks to be solved and the results expected.
We help Leaders achieve better results and greater sense of well-being within the terms applicable to their company and in accordance with the company’s expectations. Recent studies have shown that traditional education and training does not always have the necessary efficacy to change leadership behaviour, because they are not taking sufficient hold of the personal qualities needed in modern management.