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Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.


Headhunting is the best way forward and a safer choice.

There is great demand for top candidates and sometimes it requires a more targeted search. Headhunting is the best way forward and a safer choice. At Human Development, we treat all cases with equal discretion. Our consultants have a professional approach assuming the serious responsibility in connection with the selection process. One of the key words in headhunting is absolute discretion, which is especially important when considering “attractive” candidates in meaningful and powerful positions. In order to attract the right manager or specialist with the required specific skills, experience and knowledge of the relevant industry is needed. At Human Development we are proactive and target contacts with interesting topics, to raise their awareness about a coming position.
Our consultants at Human Development, are known for unceasingly pursuing the perfect match until all-round qualities match perfectly.