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Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.

Executive Search

Our executive search process ensures that your company gets the market’s absolutely best match.

At Human Development, we have specialized in the recruitment of managers and key employees. Our executive search process helps to ensure the best match. At Human Development, we do not compromise. Our process is personal and analytical. To ensure best results in the process, it is important that we understand where the company is today. We therefore go in depth with the company’s culture, strategic development and challenges. A company’s management has a decisive influence on how the company’s human resources success is achieved. It is therefore important to attract and select the best candidates on the market. Hiring the wrong leaders can be expensive. For each new leader engaged in an organization, the adaptation to new social rules and changes takes the first 3-6 months, and has an impact upon the employee’s ability to perform. It’s too expensive to make a mistake in hiring new staff and often the good employees leave the company as a consequence of the wrong choice.