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Human Development | Employees | Human Development
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Human Development | Employees | Human Development
Human Development er specialiseret i rekruttering, headhunting og lederskab støttet af personlige tests og analyser. Vi arbejder med kunder inden for en række private industrisektorer, herunder teknik, industriel automation, byggeri og IT.


It's quite simple.

When you need to find a new employee, why not invest in finding just the right person through Human Development? It’s quite simple. A new employee is a big investment, the largest in most businesses so every new employment must hit correctly every time.
The investment will of course create a profit for the company and add value through:

● Effort
● Professionalism
● Personality
● Commitment
Your investment can be optimized and secured through a collaboration with Human Development. We ensure each company, requiring a new employee, that throughout the recruitment process, the candidates will be thoroughly challenged through personality analysis, tests and interviews, before starting work.
We select 2-3 top candidates, who we present to the company and ensure that the management team are thoroughly briefed about the candidate’s strengths and of the areas which need working at – documented through individual assessments, tests, interviews and gathered references. Once the candidate is selected, we also help with the introduction process. The receiving manager is informed of appropriate standards to ensure optimum startup.
Experience shows that an employee who is thoroughly trained from the start, ensures the firm a faster return-on-investment. The employee works quick and effectively, is more self-confident in work performance and better socially integrated.
Contact us for a non-obligatory dialogue about how we can help you find the right employee.